preraphaeliteLast year I took oil class and I’ve always admired John William Waterhouse’s  paintings and also had the chance to work a little more with some character designs I had in mind for the last 2 years. This is kind of a tribute to him I guess.

And I have some awesome news too! I recently created a Facebook page! I’ll be uploading stuff from there. So I want to thank you for your kind comments and visits over the last 3 years. YAAAAY! I’m very excited to hear from you. Like and tell your friends!

You can find my FB page HERE  🙂




It’s been a long time since I updated the blog. The school keeps me busy, sorry guys! 😦

But here’s an old illustration I did for a friend. I tell her everyday that she should write a book or something. She’s so talented and good with words.

You know how the saying goes: Curiosity killed the cat… That was the idea behind this one. Hope you like it!