Art trade!


KitsuneDLIOKHey there! I’m pretty excited for this post. So, Dani and I finally decided to do an art trade! YAY! She’s pretty awesome with inks and watercolors, and her shiba-inu illustrations are the most sweet, chubby and adorable dogs ever! >u<

I like to think that if we could work anywhere in the world she would be working at Studio Colorido. So here’s Dani’s OC: the kitsune boy from her project, “Girl and kitsune”. I really liked how this one turned out! I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE FOXES! 🙂

You can find her work here: and here:



Finally, finals are over!



Hello little dudes! Good news, school is over and that means I will upload the blog more often. Yay! I’m very happy for being back! Also I was having some problems with my internet connection. Meh…

This time I made a Tokyo Ravens fanart, haha the fun fact is that I have no idea about the content of the novel it’s just that I liked the character design of Kon the little kitsune.