Día de muertos is coming



For those who don’t know, I’m mexican.  And I really love Día de muertos is a very colorful and special day of remembering our loved ones and honor those who have gone before us.  I wanted in some way, commemorate some of the magic that Mexico has. I always loved Diego Rivera’s Flower Carriers and the beautiful work of Saturnino Herrán, especially “La Ofrenda” that is by far one of my favorite.

Here’s my flower girl, another OC! I thought her colors and little flowers would work just fine for this illustration. This is not her original clothing. As the seasons change over time, her little flowers do as well.

I want some chocolate Abuelita and PAN DE MUERTO! >u<


Waiting for Día de Muertos…



Can’t wait to November. I always loved Día de Muertos and Catrinas!

I remember that when I was a kid we used to make sugar skulls at school and also Altares de Muertos. Just very colorful and beautiful childhood memories, indeed.

Also I’m very excited for the movie “The Book of Life” ! And churros! This definitely gonna be one of my favorite movies ever!

Here’s the reference picture I used for this illustration.

P.S. I have to say that I LOVE José Guadalupe Posada’s amazing work (Fun fact: He’s the creator of La Calavera Catrina). If you have the chance, check out his work.